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These switchable On/Off Permanent Rare Earth Magnetic Welding Angles let welders set up, weld and rapidly proceed onward to the following venture. Just place it on a work surface, turn it on and begin welding. Stainless steel construction.On/Off magnets effortlessly permits flotsam and jetsam to fall away. Can be utilized on level or round steel or cast press and give a non-defacing hold.
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Industrial Magnetics Inc.
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Product Description
Pivoting Magnetic Welding Angles
Pivoting Magnetic Welding Angles pivot to angles ranging from 22° to 270°, with locking handle and detents. Hold on 3 sides.
90° Magnetic Welding Angles
90° Magnetic Welding Angles have slots allowing for quick-slide adjustment or addition of more magnetic bases. Reversible for inside or outside hold.
3-Sided 90° Magnetic Welding Angles
These Magnetic Welding Angles have magnetic holding on three sides and feature two strong on/off switchable magnetic faces.

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