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Image - Magnets  - Magnetic Tool Holders
IMIs modern quality attractive instrument holders can hold even your heaviest apparatuses. Not all apparatus holders are fabricated the same. When you're picking an attractive instrument holder, ensure it can deal with the occupation you require it to do.
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Industrial Magnetics Inc.
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Most attractive instrument holders function admirably when holding light-weight devices, for example, screwdrivers or little wrenches. In any case, in case you're searching for something that will hold an overwhelming device, for example, a huge torque, or even a heavy hammer, you will require a magnet with some power.IMI's USA Made attractive apparatus holders are built with an intense, uncommon earth attractive circuit and housed in a solid stainless steel lodging. Accessible in 12", 18" and 24" lengths, they can hold from 120 - 240 lbs. Mounting gaps and screws are given so you can without much of a stretch mount to dividers, workbenches or even stepping stools. Incredible for the shop or home utilize.

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