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Image - Magnets  - Electromagnetic Sheet Fanners
The issues that happen in sheet taking care of operations while lifting singular sheets from a stack for further handling are disposed of using fanner magnets. These fanners are put along the edge of a sheet pack and actuate an attractive field onto each attractively leading sheet. Since like shafts repulse each other, the sheets at the highest point of the pack are constrained separated and are isolated from each other bringing about the coveted fanning impact.
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Industrial Magnetics Inc.
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The on/off capacity of the Electromagnetic Sheet Fanners give administrator wellbeing amid steel clear stacking and un-banding. This on/off control makes cleaning around magnets less demanding when sheets are not fanned. For mechanized presses, the electromagnetic fanners are controlled to work at the same time with other destacking hardware. Electromagnetic Sheet Fanners require transformation from AC to DC voltage. IMI control supplies are intended to legitimately change over voltage and accommodate operation of single or various fanners. IMI control supplies (see Tech Sheet AG-09A) can be outfitted with a variable yield to alter the attractive quality to handle an assortment of metal thicknesses.

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